Monday, September 04, 2006

REBANU Politi not Rabenu Politi

This just in from Debra Reed Blank who immediately went to work on the question of Who is Rabeinu Politi?

"Ira, your street is named after REBANU Politi, who was a wealthy Turkishbusinessman. Not Rabbenu Politi." Thank you, DRB.

Danny Magill, another NYC authority, has conferred with this opinion. Danny had already opined that Politi "is a Sephardi name, used in Italy, Greece and Turkey. One might susupect that he (Rebanu Politi) is local color and a got street named after him. " Danny added that there must be someone who keeps track of why streets get named such in such in Israel. (Shockingly, Danny didn't have any further information).

Next important question to be answered - Who will win the next Israeli election?

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BrooklynBred said...

Before you know who will win it helps to know who is running and in the current environment, I think the time may be ripe for surprises.