Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rosh Hashana

All these people doing the same thing that I was doing. That is, on Friday they were buying breads, or waiting on lines for the fresh whole wheat challot to come out of the oven. We tested out 2 different bakeries - Rafi's is better than Pe'air but I'm telling you that for some that is nothing more than scandalous to even think it. Everywhere you went, you thought, "gee, those cookies look really good, maybe we don't have enough cookies, muffins, rugelach, insert your favorite pastry. The mall had takeout stands with good looking and good smelling kosher takeout, mostly of a mizrachi or middle eastern nature - stuffed things of all sorts, fried savory pastries of all sorts and of course, humous in all it's forms. We went to the mall and had some good coffee and sandwiches at Aroma and then managed to buy new sandals for Gabe and Akiva. Everyone was out having fun and shopping as Rosh Hashana is a trad'l gift giving period as well.

Cooked a bit in the kitchen here. Discovered that the 4 burner cooktop is as small as it looks when needing to cook a couple of things at the same time. Made the really unfortunate discovery that my lovely baking pans that I use for everything will not fit in the smallish oven. Ah, to dream of my 36" 6 burner cooktop. One day.

Went to different places for services. No shofar blowing that matched up with Rena Schklowsky at Kane St but this is no surprise. Missed Ray Scheindlin's leadership of services as well. Enjoyed lots of lusty singing and harmonizing in all places and appreciated the enjoyment that many took in their prayer.

Weather was, as anticipated, sunny and lovely and not too hot. Should be getting hotter this week, just in time for Yom Kippur's fast.

A Sweet and Healthy New Year to all. Next week I'll tell you of our plumbing adventures.

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