Saturday, September 02, 2006

Is Anybody There?

It's sort of wierd doing this as you don't really know who's reading the blog. Some people email me and say, Oh, I've read your blog but Ira loves to tell me that he's gotten all of these comments back to him. What to say to him? I'm not popular or interesting or whatever? Basically blogging is like keeping a journal that many people might read. Sort of interesting and sort of horrifying.

Briefly, had an excellent 2nd Shabbat here - a quiet Friday night and Natan and I got to Shira Hadasha for services. It was, as expected, long, slow, sometimes dirgelike, but the perfect Friday night experience. We had a quiet dinner just the family and then bed at a decent hour. Today, services at Ma'yanot in their new location. Not perfect but we'll reserve judgement for a few weeks. Lunch at Alan and Lisa, some bridge for those who wished and late afternoon with Jess and Daniel and girls and then Sarah and Michael. Now, Ira and I sit facing each other on our laptops - ode to the computer marriage. The boys are upstairs, hopefully snoring - someone definitely is - tomorrow is their first early school day.

Ira and I don't rush to bed. The beds, such as they are, mattresses on the floor, are hard and unforgiving to our older bones. We wake up rather creakily each morning and kvetch as we haul ourselves up from the floor to pee and so forth. Really, I need my nice mattress and new bed frame. Hopefully tomorrow we'll hear from the shippers and set up a moving in day.

My father and mother had the company of Sarah and Michael for Shabbat. Michael pushed my father up the hill to services - we borrowed a wheelchair - and my father enjoyed that very much although only stayed for a short time. He's very weak these days but more stable over the past week and he'll go back to the oncologist on Monday with my mother and Jonathan and Sarah for further followup.

Shavua Tov - A Good Week to all.