Sunday, October 15, 2006


The Yoreh has come. Today, I got into the car and as I was driving up to Ramah Rachel for an early swim - yes, I could have walked - I noticed something odd on the windshield. I heard a sound of pitter, patter. Could it be? It was. It was rain. Just a bit of rain but actual rain droplets on the windowshield. I didn't need the wipers. As I stepped out of the car, I felt the rain gently falling on me. The air smelled wet and there was an earthiness to the aroma. I put my things down in the women's locker room and walked out onto the pool deck and it was really raining. There seemed to be no concern as to swimming in the rain - the lifeguard had put on a sweatshirt but that seemed to be his only concession to the weather. Locals passing by the pool area commented on the loveliness of the smell and how wonderful the rain felt. I swam my laps and reveled in the wetness surrounding me. It was alternately cloudy and sunny and by the time I had gotten out the Yoreh - the first rain, had long since stopped but we all felt a little blessed by it. My ulpan teacher, Tzipi, says that the verb "L'hit'gashem," to rain, not only refers to the water falling but also can be used metaphorically as if to describe something unbelievable or dreamlike which is how people feel here about rain. Considering that it last probably rained here in April or perhaps, early May, it is just about miraculous that the rain arrives again in the fall. I guess that's why there is a word to describe that wonderful first rainfall. And to think, we just said the prayer for rain yesterday in synagogue.

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