Sunday, June 01, 2008


Akiva and I had a funny walk to shul today. Leaving was not quite as painful as it sometimes can be. I gathered the important bits - change of clothing, critical books (Little Red Lighthouse, Frances, George), New Kane (his wrestling guy), water cup, tissues (the nose had been very runny) and an extra water bottle for me as it was a hot day. Hats on and Akiva with is glasses somewhat precariously perched on his nose, we set off for shul.

Akiva walked behind me most pleasantly much of the time. He sang his way through his repertoire of children's Hebrew songs that is building with each holiday period - courtesy of school and helped by his assorted holiday tapes which he listens to at home. In this country, there are an astounding assortment of songs specific to every holiday and everyone knows them since they grow up singing them in 'gan'/kindergarten. We newcomers are at a distinct disadvantage but such is life. He worked Lag Ba'omer, then Yom Yerushalayim which is this coming week, and then segued back into Pesach as we bumped into to a few local people whom we know on our walk. We rested on a bench at one point - Akiva likes benches - then continued on our way. It should be mentioned that the whole walk is about 10 minutes I think and is a real straightaway except for the occasional dodge around a building or up a bit of stairs in standard J'lem style. With Akiva the walk takes longer, especially the way home when one generally has to 'sing' him home. Ira took care of those duties today - I did not have the patience.

Shul was quite crowded today. A Shabbat Kalah - bride's Shabbat after the wedding. A Francophilic celebration, it was filled with French people yapping away in French, Hebrew and whatever other languages entered the conversation. A fleishig kiddush! The salads were pleasant and it was marked by a distinct lack of sweets on the table - a welcome change from the usual fare of bissli and other simple crunchy snacks with humus and veggies and store bought cookies. We ate minimalistically and enjoyed our own lunch at home once we had cooled off. Wondering what Natan is doing right now in Bklyn?
Shavua Tov to all.

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lisa k said...

What a coincidence--we had a fleishig kiddush this week too!

I want to learn all the holiday songs--they aren't the same ones we learned in school and my kids learned at Senesh? Can you get me a tape?